Intuitive Reiki Therapy with Cath Harrison

Open to the light of your soul & shine

About Inspire Your Light

Energy healing is something I have always been interested in. I have been teaching Reiki for over 10 years, I am also a Spirit of Light-SOL practitioner and I have completed a Diploma in Counselling, Crystal Healing, Colour therapy, Metaphysical healing. I love teaching about Reiki, the energy centres & Crystal healing.

My life changed when my Mum died 12 years ago, and through my grief, I realised my career of 30 yrs, as a Registered Nurse, was no longer my passion. With the heartbreak of losing my mum and the scope of the what that meant, I began moving more towards yoga, Reiki and exploring various forms of energy healing.

Through personal growth and my own healing journey, I found I have a gift in working with people, the light & a strong passion for making a differnece other peoples lives through energy work & counselling. I often find myself amazed by the work I do and through my own experiences in energy healing, I discovered the power of healing with light and the energies of the universe. My mission is to share this with others, so they too can embrace their own light and unveil their true potential.

I love teaching about Intuitve Reiki & Energy Healing, exploring the chakras, how to use the light & bring more light into your life. I love educating about resourcing your energy, clearing & balancing your energy bodies, meditations & healings. I provide workshops related to how to work with these energies, how to strengthen your intuition and integrate this into your everyday life.

I provide healing sessions for a range of different personal situations and specialise in working with health problems, pain, patterned behaviours, addictions, traumas, fears, career issues and relationship challenges.

My healing sessions are often conveyed through light touch and a form of psychic healing where a higher power guides the session. It’s not easy to explain how the sessions work, every session is unique and beautiful in its own way. At the end of a session, I offer guidance in the form of an energy reading for my client, which often comes through, during the healing session. This experience of healing happens on an energetic level and can take time to integrate.

I admire those who take the time to invest in health and wellbeing and are willing to try energy work. I feel immense gratitude for the light in my soul and for the gift this has brought into my life.

Thank you Cath for an incredibly beautiful, gentle healing session this afternoon, I felt much moving and trust you so fully to hold me in such a tender place. Thank you for sharing your gifts so generously.

- Jackie W

Healing Packages

Change, explore & grow on a deep healing level.
Each healing package unfolds through the guidance of a higher
Significant growth transformation occurs in a gentle loving way with
ongoing email support & guidance between each session.
Each package is personal & tailored to individual needs.

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