Intuitive Reiki Therapy with Cath Harrison

Energy Management

Awareness through the Breath

Energy management can sometimes be like managing money.

When I have money, I feel energised, expansive, happy, flowing and more likely to share myself and the money I have with others.

If I don’t have money, I contract, I plug into the feeling of lack,  my energy is low and I feel stressed and tired.

Take a moment and tune into what gives you energy, what drains your energy and how you can manage this best.

When I look at energy through money or breath this is what comes through…

Money coming in, represents my ability to receive, which is also represented in our breath.

Notice what your breath is doing in this moment, it will give you a hint if you allow yourself to receive – Is your in breath short and sweet or long and deep? 

if your breath is short and sweet,  – limited ability to receive 
long and deep – open to receive.

Your outward breath represents giving just like money going out. Do you give all your money out at once or slowly and with thought?

Notice is your outward breath is longer than your inward breath. Do you give more then you receive or have to give? 

Can you hold on to your money or is it all gone before you know it.

Check the pause after your inward breath. This represents your ability to hold onto your energy or your money and save.

Does it feel comfortable pausing after the in-breath?  Your money can be an indication of your ability to regulate.

Do you have money saved, for emergencies or holidays or activities you enjoy doing, or are you scrambling to pay for bills and essentials in your life?

Also, feel into the feelings associated with money, do you feel resentful when paying bills? Or are you grateful for what you have received in exchange?

For some insights observe your breath or your money for a day and notice if there is room for change.  

Notice if there are patterns or repeated feeling or behaviours playing out?

 Light and Blessings 

Cath Harrison 


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