Intuitive Reiki Therapy with Cath Harrison

Encounters with friends.

Ever wondered why you may be feeling tired? When one minute you’re feeling fine, then the next you can hardly keep your eyes open. Notice any patterns when this occurs? Who have you been around? What type of environment have you been in? Do you notice the feel of the atmosphere?

For me, I know if I go to the supermarket, it’s notorious for me suddenly feeling tired. It’s like every product is pulling my energy and I’m encountering various types of people, left over energies, feelings and an asortment of emotions.  The air is sometimes thick, heavy and stagnant.

Being an empath, I absort it all in from the moment I choose to walk in.

there are times when I walk past someone and suddenly feel tired or have a headache or have some unexplained pain.

The same happens when I walk into a hospital, from the moment I walk in the building, I feel the weight of  responsibility, stress of the staff and families, illness, emotions of anger, sadness, depression, shock and panic and navigating through this can be trying at the best of times. 

One way of discovering what may be happening in your energy is by paying attention to your thoughts.  For me, it’s always a hint to where my energy is invested.  If I’m at home, after working a long day, I check if my energy is home with me or is it still in the work environment or am I thinking about a person or an event that occurred during the day.

Check where your energy going. Track your thoughts, because you can guarantee they will give you a hint as to where your energy is invested. 

Consider events that have occurred in your life or conflicts that may be happening and ponder if you are holding anything that doesn’t belong to you? Ask yourself,  what do I need to do to let this go? what am I holding isn’t serving me any longer?

For example: you’ve just had a coffee with a friend and you come away feeling drained.  They might have shared a current drama or conflict occurring in their life or how tired or stress they are and in that moment you might take that into your energy without realising it.  

You may decide on a subconscious level to hold onto it as if it was our own. Particularly, if you like to hold onto things or havent mastered the art of letting go by letting it flow. 

If emotions were present during the conversation,  you may take those emotions or feelings in as well and wonder why we might come away feeling, angry, sad, resentful or complaining about our friend all of a sudden.

You can choose to continue to hold on it  or find a way to let it go.

Ways to Let Go

Set the intention that you are not going to take on anything thing that is not yours.

If you feel you have taken something on imagine lifting it off you and handing it over to mother earth to transform or perhaps giving it to the hands of light to hold, if you feel it needs more holding. 

Set clear intentions to not take on other people’s problems, conflicts, dramas, traumas or emotions.

If you’re not sure then ask yourself quietly emotion or feeling mine?  Wait for an answer, and if you’re not sure then ask if this energy is mine fine and if not then, I would like it to leave immediately.

If it goes, then you know it wasn’t yours and if it remains then you know it’s yours. 

If you still feel it’s not yours and it’s not shifting then call in your higher self and guides to support you in moving this energy on.

In white light and love 

Cath Harrison


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