Intuitive Reiki Therapy with Cath Harrison

From Burnout to Balance.

10 years ago, I resigned from my position, as a Paediatric Emergency Nurse, due to burnout and exhaustion. At the time, I had little understanding of what was happening. I felt exhausted all the time, stressed,  depressed, and  very alone.

I would cry a lot and was unable to regulate. I was sick all the time and seem to pick up everything from gastro, flu viruses and the shingles seemed to be a yearly event.

Being an emergency nurse, for a good part of my career. I didn’t realise, I was absorbing patients  traumas, shock, emotions, fatigue & illnesses. These events would land in my mind, in my energy and eventually in my body. 

Often when traumas occur, we can leave fragments of ourselves behind, and the more trauma or abuse we may have experienced in our lives, the more parts of our soul could be missing or feeling lost and left behind or discarded, as it might not have been accepted or we were humiliated in some way for being ourselves or shock may have frozen us in that moment. When this happens, soul fragments split off and get left behind.

It was during, an energy healing training a few years back, we were doing a clearing of energies from my system, and through this clearing, it brought a deep understanding of where and what my energy was invested in, what I was holding on to and how I could transform it.

In one particular clearing, I seem to be holding every patient I ever encountered, and further subsequent clearing revealed how other people’s traumas had made their way into my system. How on some level, I was holding every hospital and by hospital, I mean the actual hospital buildings, I ever worked in. Which when you think about it, it’s a lot of sickness to be holding and no wonder I was feeling burnt out, depressed and stressed. 

It took many sessions to clear, so a good question to ask yourself is, what is my energy invested in? Where are my thoughts today? Just think…. if it’s your day off and your thinking about work, then my guess is 80% your energy is still at work!

If you can’t get someone or something out of your head, then your energy is invested there. 

On a soul level part of us feel it’s our job to hold the work place, or the people who work there or the situations we are exposed to.

Here are some tips:

  • Do a 5-10 minute meditation and Set the intention to call all your energy home into your body then after several deep breaths and centring yourself, begin calling your energy home over the bridge of light whole and healed.
  • Begin Letting go of things or people you no longer wish to hold by giving them energetically over to the hands of light
  • Do some cord clearings with places, people or situations
  • Forgive yourself or others.

These are just a few ways to work on clearing your energies.

Blessings and White light

Cath Harrison 


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