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Inspire your light specialises in Reiki and Energy healing, providing high quality individual healing sessions and workshops.

The wisdom of our light are the whispers of our heart & soul. Cath creates an all-encompassing healing environment allowing for insights & healing to unfold in a loving and gentle way in accordance with your soul.

Life begins when you follow your dreams and dreams unfold when you follow your heart

Here's How We Can Help

Personal Sessions

Clear unwanted energies, old beliefs or patterns or relationships that may be holding you back on a subconscious level.

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In-person Reiki, Angel Reiki and Crystal Reiki Workshops held in NSW

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Healing Packages

Change, explore & grow on a deep healing level.

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The Child Consciousness Within

The Child Consciousness Within

It took me a long time to begin to nurture and mother my own inner child. It involved reclaiming parts of myself frozen in time, resolving trauma & creating a more loving environment in my inner world, whilst developing resources to support myself more lovingly....

Reiki Chakra Activation

Reiki Chakra Activation

We all have days where we feel tired and depleted,  and I thought, I would offer a way to energise your Chakras and your Energy.

 Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed.
 Sit or lie down... ensure you are comfortable

 Take a moment to tune into...

Clean Home / Clean Atmosphere

Clean Home / Clean Atmosphere

Have you ever wondered why after cleaning your home, sometimes it still doesn’t quiet feel clean? Recently, I had an experience, where the place I was renting, was sprayed for cockroaches and at the time I didn’t think anything of it.  However, about a month after it...

Thank you Cath for an incredibly beautiful, gentle healing session this afternoon, I felt much moving and trust you so fully to hold me in such a tender place. Thank you for sharing your gifts so generously.

- Jackie W

Reiki Workshops

Reiki is a healing journey open to everyone for inspiring, relaxing workshops. Reiki is a gentle method of hands-on energy healing that is simple to use and easy to learn.  You will learn how to Reiki yourself & others, children, pets, plants & food and how to clear the energy bodies, a room, workspace & house. Along with Chakra & Hara line healing & balancing, past life work and distant healing.    

Empower yourself today and bring the healing arts into your life!