Intuitive Reiki Therapy with Cath Harrison

My Sessions are powerful & insightful, opening you to new opportunities & freeing you from people & burdens weighting you down.

Healing Sessions

 My sessions are a combination of  intuitive Reiki, psychic healing & channeled light work. I am guided by a higher power, which works alongside your higher-self and spiritual team. I begin with a light meditation, to allow for the mind to settle & for you to enter an alpha/theta state of relaxation. 

Depending on what you would like to work on,  I am guided to possible underlining causes, core issues, trauma, patterns, habits or beliefs & which may be in the way of moving forward in a new way & it works on all levels. These sessions assist you in gaining valuable insights & help by creating a sense of wellbeing, lightness & freedom to move forward.

In a session, I help you clear away unwanted energies, unblock or clear unhelpful cords, old beliefs or patterns or conflicting relationships that may be holding you back on a subconscious level & the energy work is in alignment with your soul, higher-self & your guides and can take time to land in the physical sense.

Distance Healing Sessions

This is a recorded session governed by a higher power. These sessions are a direct message from the light or the divine energies.

You send an email with name, age, presenting issue or what you would like to change in your life or if you’re looking for some guidance. The session is recorded as the healing happens & sent to you.

You listen in your own time, the session may land before or while you are listening.  It’s as if you are in my healing space as the clearing/ healing happens/ activation happens. It can go for 1 hr & is a very powerful form of session & may take time to integrate. 

$170/1hr AUD

Intuitive Reiki Sessions

Intuitive Healing is a powerful healing session for all ages & can be done in person or in a zoom call. You may choose to work with a particular issue or circumstances happening in your life now. 

I tune into the soul essence to discover what may be occurring on a subconscious level, releasing past traumas, relationship or health problems, patterned behaviours, old beliefs, addictions also clearing unhelpful ties, beliefs, patterns & entities releasing old blocks.

Opening to new lighter energies, greater peace, wellness & change with ease. Session are for 1.15 hrs

$170/1.15hr AUD

Soul Clearing
& Reclaiming

This session can be done in person or over skype, you choose a pattern, behaviour, belief, or a feeling that you wish to work on changing in your life.

l will guide you into a meditation, to a time past, to reclaim parts of your soul that may have been left behind either due to trauma, grief or loss. 

We will look at changing decisions or vows made in the past that are impacting in a negative or unhelpful way today.

We clear, reclaim & integrate parts of ourselves that may have fragmented off due to past hurts, traumas or past events. These sessions can take up 1.15 hrs

$170/1.15hr AUD

Home Energy
Clearings & Healings

If you have a space or home that just doesn’t feel right, or something seems off or heavy or there’s disharmony in relationships or nightmares within the space, then a space or property clearing is for you. 

The energy in our homes & spaces of work is important to keep clear allowing new energies, harmony & flow. A clearing helps release entities, spirits, improves sleep & relationship harmony in the home & creates a warm loving environment.

It engages the guardians of the land to bring healing & clear disharmony/disrespect or pains that may have occurred on the land through time. Price varies depending on size.

$170 – 350 AUD

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Reiki Workshops

Reiki is a healing journey open to everyone for inspiring, relaxing workshops. Reiki is a gentle method of hands-on energy healing that is simple to use and easy to learn.  You will learn how to Reiki yourself & others, children, pets, plants & food and how to clear the energy bodies, a room, workspace & house. Along with Chakra & Hara line healing & balancing, past life work and distant healing.    

Empower yourself today and bring the healing arts into your life!