Intuitive Reiki Therapy with Cath Harrison

Ever felt like a part of yourself is missing or something doesn’t feel complete?

During childhood and as you grow up, small and big traumas happen along the way. It’s during these times, that parts of ourselves can spilt off, fragment and be left behind frozen in time. When trauma occurs, you go into shock, you may freeze or remain stuck in that moment of time, leaving vital parts of yourself behind.

When you lose parts of the soul or become fragmented, it can feel like a heaviness or darkness, a hole or a sense of being incomplete, like something is missing. Commonly, I hear people saying, I lost my confidence in that fall or accident. These are the parts of ourselves to reclaim.

During a distance healing on myself, I was exploring a memory of fight between my parents, I was very young, maybe 4 years old. There was a lot of things breaking and yelling happening behind closed doors in the kitchen.

I remember listening at the door, with my 2 older brothers and younger sister. I was very frightened and it felt like the earth was moving beneath my feet with energy coming from the argument in the kitchen.

When I went back in time to do some healing,  the argument began playing out like a little movie. I noticed on witnessing the argument, that the door opened, frightening all of us kids listening at the door and causing all of us scrambled in different directions. There was a part of myself that remained, frozen in fear, outside the door. It was still frozen there, a fragment of my light, left back in time.

I met this part of my soul, which resembled me as a little girl, with compassion and the love of the divine mother and the support of my guardian angel. I gave my little girl what she might have needed in that moment, some protection, a hug and gentle words of encouragement to help that part feel safe again. I embraced her with unconditional love and held her in a soft pink light, bringing her home to me to snuggle back into my own eternal light.

When you lose parts of the soul or become fragmented, it can feel like a heaviness or darkness, a hole or a sense of being incomplete like something missing in your life.

Distance Healing in Reiki is a brilliant tool for exploring and reclaiming parts of yourself left behind.

Take time to do a Soul Retrieval Healing back in time…..

~ Find a comfortable position   

~ Ground and protect yourself as you prepare to do a healing on yourself.

~ set the intention to retrieve a part of yourself

~ Choose a time in your life where you may have experienced a trauma or shock or event. something light to begin with.

~ Perhaps notice if any memories or emotions surface for a healing and if you feel too, go with that memory, using the symbols or your time line.

~ Go back in time, as if tracing your steps back to that moment and let the events play out in your mind, as if you are hovering over what occurred and notice if you leave part of your light behind or if any more of the memory surface.

~ A part of yourself left behind may appear as you at a younger age. Give her/him what she might had needed in that moment, it could be a new ending, a hug, someone rescuing them. Offer healing light and bring this part home over the bright of light through time and space.

~ Keep in mind, this situation may have happened differently, but this is what you perceived as a child in that moment.

~ Integrate that part of yourself, by bringing it home into your heart space. 

~ Complete by creating a positive image or sensation of compassion or love and note what it feels like to bring that part of yourself home. 

~ for the week following, remember the image, feeling or sensation and really claiming it. It could be the returning of yourself worth, your confidence, your happiness, your light, your power, your beauty..         

Many Blessings, 

Cath Harrison


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