Intuitive Reiki Therapy with Cath Harrison

Client Testimonials


‘When I started Reiki, I was curious and not sure what to expect, but it all became very clear; this path was one I was meant to be following. As soon as I met Cath, I was captivated by her warm personality and kind, compassionate presence. Her sessions are highly informative, yet relaxed; I felt comfortable and open around her and the rest of my groups. I was hooked on energy healing and have now studied up to Reiki Master level. Cath has taught me everything; from Chakra balancing to restoring the Hara line and channelling my spirit guides.

I can confidently give a full Reiki treatment and am happy with all master and power symbols. Reiki has honestly changed my life. I’m much more grounded, balanced and aware of my intuition. Reiki has allowed me to understand myself on a deeper level, vibrate higher and heal wounds from the past. I have so much gratitude for my practice and my mentor, Cath. Cath’s healing capabilities and attunements are next level.

She’s passionate, knowledgeable and open-minded; a truly inspiring individual. I am very grateful we crossed paths, and I know you will be too!’

– Samantha Travel agent, Suffolk Park


“Cath is a beautiful teacher & healer, with a calm & supportive presence. I loved the weekend & it is lovely to have a healing practice that I can use in my daily life.”

– Oceana Kovacs


“Really lovely course, I felt held and respected in the sacred space Catherine created.”

– Shannyn Walker


“I felt that the content was very extensive & covered a lot. The information was really easy to understand and interpret.”

– Krystal Wilson


“Cath embodies her work – she comes across as very healthy physically and psychically, she seems balanced and radiant with kindness and compassion. Cath is insightful on a very deep psychic level so she can connect to the very subtle and sacred energies in the universe and bring them in for guidance, healing and initiation.She is a brilliant teacher – very skilled at giving a lot of information both verbally and as written resources.

I felt very fortunate to have trained with Cath in Reiki and Energy Healing as she gives so much relevant, expanded and in depth information and teaching that has given me confidence to do my own work in this field.” 

– Christina Henry, counsellor

Reiki Workshops

Reiki is a healing journey open to everyone for inspiring, relaxing workshops. Reiki is a gentle method of hands-on energy healing that is simple to use and easy to learn.  You will learn how to Reiki yourself & others, children, pets, plants & food and how to clear the energy bodies, a room, workspace & house. Along with Chakra & Hara line healing & balancing, past life work and distant healing.    

Empower yourself today and bring the healing arts into your life!

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