Intuitive Reiki Therapy with Cath Harrison

It took me a long time to begin to nurture and mother my own inner child. It involved reclaiming parts of myself frozen in time, resolving trauma & creating a more loving environment in my inner world, whilst developing resources to support myself more lovingly. It takes practice and involves meeting your needs as they arise, checking in regularly and holding the little one inside reminding her she’s not alone.

Taking time to listen & meeting the needs of the little one inside, allows for inner trust to build & for you to regain parts of yourself that would otherwise be stuck or lost in time. It encourages that creative spark to re-join the bigger pool & do its part in moving forward & opening doors that would otherwise be stuck.

The child consciousness can become stuck & frozen in the moment, when trauma or impact events occur. You may have been to young to comprehend, understand and process the event at the time. When these events occur, it creates a freeze in your body, in your emotions & it can be stuck on replay mode in the subconscious mind.

Do you notice childhood events resurfacing again & again? Such as a time you might have been shamed or humiliated or physically hit or yelled at unexpectedly. Think about how this could be holding you back now, what you might not try because of this experience, fears of stepping into your power due to been beaten or laughed at. How does that play out now?

It can impact on your growth, on your emotional development & your creativity. Sometimes, in life when you keep hitting blocks on your path, it could be a sign to look deeper at part of yourself that may be missing or in frozen in time and in order to move forward in life, this part of you needs to be reclaimed and the event processed and the emotions released, for it may hold the key to moving forward and opening doors.

Reclaiming parts of yourself can sometimes require support to discover the parts needing reclaiming. It involves becoming the mother or father of the wounded one, giving him/her what you might have needed in that moment and holding the little one, explaining what happened, no matter your age and giving him/ her an opportunity to release the stuck emotions, to express & grow embracing healing.

We are all one big pool of creative force in this life and each little bit counts.

Cath Harrison 


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