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What is the psoas muscle and why is it important

The psoas muscle links the spine to the legs and allows us to move our legs back and forth. The psoas has a deep relationship with the abdominal viscera, therefore, acting as a bridge between the belly and the brain connecting not only the enteric nervous system but the central and autonomic nervous system as well. When the psoas constricts it not only constricts the muscle, it also constricts the organs & the breath from operating freely, activating the nervous system for action.

The Tight Psoas Muscle

The psoas muscle can often end up chronically switched on, leading to back pain, sciatica, anxiety, chronic activation, fear, fatigue and exhaustion. This particular muscle is well known for storing emotional trauma and insufficient emotional support in our lives can lead to the trauma becoming trapped in the psoas, locking old patterns in place and the muscle remaining chronically tight. The ongoing fear and stress keeps the psoas tight and locked on. 

When releasing the psoas, sometimes old traumas and emotions can surface along with memories and flash backs to traumatic events that may have been otherwise supressed deep within the muscle.

Bringing in Reiki to help the psoas muscle let go..

In my reiki practice, as a form of self-care, I have been laying on my back with my legs resting up on a chair or on cushions and intentionally resting my hands over the psoas muscle giving it a sense of being held, sending unconditional love and warmth to the muscle and talking with it gently as intuitively guided. With this feeling of being held, it allows the psoas muscle to feel safe in letting go and can begin to release at its own pace.

The Tight Psoas Muscle

When I give this to myself, I may have the intention to lay there for 10 mins but end up staying there a lot longer. Really allowing for a deep unfolding and relaxation of the whole nervous system. 

Resting the legs up shortens the psoas Allowing the muscle to soften and release. Legs up on the chair, is also very restorative posture just on its own.

The hands resting on the Psoas muscles, gives a sense of warmth and holding, allowing for a combination of a gentle nourishing release with the support of reiki and the soul.

If you don’t have reiki, use the intention and bring in your own vibrational healing connected with your soul and by bringing the gift of your own healing abilities is truly enough.  Just imagine light coming from your hands and flowing gentle into the psoas and all its connected too.

Be aware to give it time, especially if the psoas has been locked on for a very long time. When you start feeling deeply relaxed, the psoas is beginning to release, notice any sensations or  surface. 

If any old memories or you become aware of unhelpful patterns allow them to play out and hold yourself gently, as if holding a little baby in your arms, and meet yourself with compassion and unconditional love.

Know support is always available to you and sometimes the hardest part is asking for support. Talk with friends, family or book in with your therapist of choice, someone who can hold you and help you move through traumas or disturbing memories in a way that allows for some kind of resolution within you..

Coming out of this position, please take your time as your legs may not be really to work straight away.

  • Begin with bringing your knees to your chest for a couple of breaths
  • Roll to your right side when you are ready and take a few breaths here before coming up to sitting.
  • Stay here for a few breaths and then come to standing in your own way.

This restorative posture, is perfect if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed or just come home from work or feeling tired and it’s a beautiful gift for yourself.


Cath Harrison 


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