Intuitive Reiki Therapy with Cath Harrison

Reiki enriches the experience of the soul – unravel your heart through the Reiki experience

Intuitive Reiki Workshops with Cath

Come work with me!! Reiki is a gift to yourself & an amazing resource. In my workshops, you will open to the gifts of your intuition, psychic senses & the higher heart. Unravelling parts of yourself hidden beneath the surface or reclaiming parts frozen in time. Reiki opens you to the light within & is a form of expressing unconditional love & light towards yourself & others.

What is Reiki? Reiki is the vibration of unconditional love, a very soft healing energy of a higher intelligence, which allows for subtle changes in your energy to unfold in a gentle way, that’s not startling for the soulThese changes manifest over time. All you know is that something has changed and it will manifest in its own way. It’s easy to learn & involves gentle hands on healing or hands hovering above the body & light & symbols used in a very nourishing way, releasing tension, stress & unwanted energies. 

Come & join me in a Reiki workshop today!

Certified Reiki Level 1

Private 8 hr Workshop $555 AUD

In Reiki level I you will learn to channel the universal life force vibration of unconditional love. A very soft healing energy of a higher intelligence, works on all levels physical, emotional, mental & spiritually.  In this workshop you will learn and receive:

  • 4 attunements into Reiki level 1
  • An ancient symbol of protection
  • How to Reiki yourself & others, children, pets, plants & food
  • Guided meditations designed to develop intuition
  • resourcing your energy
  • Connect to higher-self & your spirit guides
  • personal 1 hr private – reiki session
  • Reiki Level I Certificate on complete

This is a healing journey open to everyone, for an inspiring, relaxing workshop.

Private Reiki Level 1 $555.  

Certified Reiki Practitioner Level 2

Private classes $600 AUD

Come and enjoy a 2-day workshop learning Reiki Level II. In this workshop, you will move through the chakras and energy bodies whilst exploring different methods of healing coupled with the ancient symbols of Reiki. Plenty of hands-on practices. In Reiki Level II you receive

  •  Three master symbols & additional six symbols
  • An understanding of the use of the symbols
  • How to seal and cleanse a room or home
  • Learn & practise distant healing on yourself & others
  • additional attunements x2 for Reiki Level 2
  • Overview of the chakra system & energy bodies
  • Hands-on healing practice & chakra balancing, cleansing with symbols incorporating other methods
  • Energy healing methods – Light, Soul & Elemental energies
  • How to use a Pendulum during healing’s
  • Third eye, throat and higher heart activations
  • includes 1 hr reiki 
  • Practitioner certificate completion

Deepen your experience of Reiki and join me in Reiki Level II.

Learning Reiki II Privately $600 – 2 days. 

Reiki Master Level 3


$777 AUD – workshop plus 6 wk follow up on zoom. 

Sept 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th 2024 – held in Ocean Shores, NSW. Includes 6 week healing journey – Monday evenings 5-6 pm via Zoom.  

In Reiki Master Level 3, you learn new symbols and healing techniques, how to assess and work with the Hara line. We explore past life blocks, cord clearing, hands on healing practise, and embodying the light of Reiki and different vibrations.

  • Learn New Master & power symbols
  • Advanced Distant healing – soul retrieval  
  • Learn to channel Reiki light & different vibrations
  • Using symbols in reiki sessions
  • Distant home clearings 
  • Energy Healing methods – Hara line healing, energy body healing, cord clearings, various forms of light healing. 
  • Experience healing meditations & hands on practice.
  • Master Reiki Attunement
  • Soul star and earth star activations
  • Use of sacred geometry
  • 6 week group zoom healing calls or in person circle
  • Masters Certificate on completion.

Learn Reiki Masters Privately $977 in blocks

Reiki Teacher Training

10 x 2 hr personalised sessions

In these sessions you will explore:

  • Reiki Master Teacher in-depth notes
  • Receive the attunement symbols & learn how to conduct attunements with practice
  • Tailor your unique gifts & developing your teaching style by connecting with the teacher within.
  • Develop your intuition with greater awareness
  • Advance healing techniques including psychic healing, initiation sessions & soul retrievals
  • Creating a safe space for your clients & students. The importance of holding space in a group setting & meeting the needs of your students & clients
  • Growing your business & insurance options

For Reiki Master Teacher Training students are required to assist on all levels, a minimum of 1 per each level, you will also need to complete 2 case studies and have a minimum of 5 Reiki sessions with a Reiki Master. Students must be able to demonstrate the ability to hold the energy of the attunements for completion and certification.

Sessions are in person or online in Ocean Shores

$1777 AUD

Thank you Cath for an incredibly beautiful, gentle healing session this afternoon, I felt much moving and trust you so fully to hold me in such a tender place. Thank you for sharing your gifts so generously.

- Jackie W

Reiki Ascension Group

6 week Journey $220 AUD

Tuesdays, Oct 8th 2024 – 5 – 6pm via Zoom  

This is a 6 week circle, designed to help Reiki students & practitioners clear blocks & deepen your skills in Reiki. It will also help to strengthen your intuitive abilities, open your psychic senses & meditation skills, whilst enriching your own personal healing & growth.

  • Week 1 Resourcing your energy and cellular grounding.
  • week 2 Connecting with your soul light /higher self & guides
  • week 3 Chakras Cleansing & activation
  • week 4 Cord clearing & claiming your gifts
  • week 5 Inner Child work & soul retrieval
  • week 6 soul gift & psychic senses Activation & medicine woman activation 

If you are interested, Book via email or Humanitix with payment. Payment will need to be made to secure your spot!  


Womens Soul Circle 

7 week Soul Healing Journey for women $ 333 

This 6 week circle is designed to bring you in touch with your soul, to receive messages along with aligning with your soul mission and experience healings, clearings and activations. This circle is for women who wish to live a more fulfilling life with divine magic to nourish and enrich your life.  

  • week 1 – Soul contact, soul flame activation 
  • week 2 – Soul messages & healing soul wounds 
  • week 3 – Healing the mother wound & Devine feminine template activation 
  • week 4 –  Divine masculine template activation  
  • week 5-  Womb Healing
  • week6 – Soul purpose & identity  activation
  • week 7-  Money Healing & Abundance codes heal activation embodying the highest version of yourself. 

If you are interested please email if you need a payment plan or pay via Humanitix 


‘I loved how Cath blended Reiki and other healing systems and included so much more than I expected. Studying Reiki with Cath has had an overwhelming effect on “how I live my life”, how I cope with negative situations or people. I have a feeling of calm and confidence like never before”

- Margie ( business owner, Alstonville)

Healing Packages

Change, explore & grow on a deep healing level.
Each healing package unfolds through the guidance of a higher
power, your higher self & guides. Some clients may experience a propound awakening to new opportunities.
Significant growth & transformation may occur in a gentle loving way with
ongoing email support & guidance between each session if needed.
Each package is personal & tailored to individual needs.